Ask Your Customers to Marry You


Your customers want to know how you fit into their life.Your customers want to know how you will fit into their life.

This is based on an article from Marketing Profs about an eBay experiment to educate customers about their services.

eBay invited six French fashion bloggers to engage in a crafty campaign called Wardrobe Commando.

The objective: The bloggers were to select one reader each for a full-on fashion revamp. Hailing from different regions of France, each blogger created a video of herself consulting with her reader of choice. Then the fun began.

Phase one: Each blogger convinced her “ugly duckling” to sell items online that actually made her look like a total fashion victim! In the process, each girl learned how to photograph and post items on eBay, complete with catchy salesgirl language.

Phase two: eBay footed the bill for hot new duds that turned the presumably dowdy ducks into sultry swans! The campaign likely drew thousands of readers—at the very least those who followed the work of the bloggers.

I believe this eBay experiment is fascinating. They’ve managed to give their customers a great time while sneakily teaching them to use their complex auction seller forms. If you’ve ever used eBay, you know that this is no easy task. The complicated terms and settings that they use in their forms are a huge barrier to using the services. If eBay wants to collect their fees and commissions, their customers need to understand how eBay fits into their goals.

Just like the love of your life won’t marry you until they understand how you fit into their future; the eBay customer needs to understand what they are doing or eBay won’t get the commission.

Show them how to use it

Listening is key, but demonstrating is king. Allow me to give an example from one of my own clients. Beauté de Maman has a wonderful skin care line for pregnant women. It’s natural and herbal and contains nothing toxic for the baby or mother… exactly what Beauté de Maman customers are looking for. But what we learned along the way is that not only do pregnant women want safe products, they want to know how to use those products for the best results. Questions like “Should I put on the stretch mark cream at night or should I put it on in the morning after my shower?”, helped us to understand what customers wanted to know about successfully using the products, before actually buying them.

Show your customers how to use your products down to the finest detail. The more customers know about how to use your product, the happier everyone will be.

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