Coldfire has launched a new web design service called Chroma Sites


That’s right… Coldfire websites are now Chroma Sites

chromasites-linkedin-logoWe’ve brought together the best website technologies from around the web, in order to create beautiful and powerful business websites. That’s the gist of it, but we’ve also launched a new website to explain what’s new and better than ever. With Chroma Sites, you still get the same great service that Coldfire has always offered, as well as our marketing centric ideas to help develop you a lead generating powerhouse of a website.

Over the years, as we’ve built hundreds of websites, we’ve also collected a gigantic amount of feedback about what features and techniques have worked for our clients and which ones haven’t. Chroma Sites is the product of all of those design characteristics, marketing techniques and technical features that have worked time and time again. Chroma Sites packages all of those great, replicable elements into a transparent pricing structure that fits the needs of just about any small business. While Coldfire has very much been a custom website development company for years, we’ve decided that we can better serve our customers by focusing less on custom development and more on building great websites for our clients.

Don’t think for a second however that our websites will be any less beautiful, functional or technologically advanced. To the contrary, all Chroma Sites websites will still be custom designed for each and every business. There’s not an off-the-shelf template in sight, and they will all include the features that are pretty much mandatory for a business website to have these days. Just to name a few benefits, Chroma Sites websites include a user-editable content management system, social media integration, a fully functional blog with comments, a customized contact form, an email subscription box, free- stock photos and so much more.

The best part, though? In no way is this a build-it-yourself website. We still do all the dirty work, setting up servers, setting up the page structure and all that good stuff. We think theses are the things that no busy business owner should ever have to do.

And now, you even can get a free, online estimate for a new website or a redesign in about 5 minutes by walking through our guided proposal questionnaire! Just so you don’t misunderstand, that means you will have a complete, guaranteed proposal with a timeline and price in about five minutes.

So click here to get your estimate now!

Or browse the rest of the website and learn more at

Some of our portfolio examples: (view more client websites)


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