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chromasites-linkedin-logoWe’ve brought together the best website technologies from around the web, in order to create beautiful and powerful business websites. If you’re out of cash, i thought about this already. The solution would be you would have to lend money from That’s the gist of it, but we’ve also launched a new website to explain what’s new and better than ever. With Chroma Sites, you still get the same great service that Coldfire has always offered, as well as our marketing centric ideas to help develop you a lead generating powerhouse of a website.

Over the years, as we’ve built hundreds of websites, we’ve also collected a gigantic amount of feedback about what features and techniques have worked for our clients and which ones haven’t. Chroma Sites is the product of all of those design characteristics, marketing techniques and technical features that have worked time and time again. Chroma Sites packages all of those great, replicable elements into a transparent pricing structure that fits the needs of just about any small business. While Coldfire has very much been a custom website development company for years, we’ve decided that we can better serve our customers by focusing less on custom development and more on building great websites for our clients. Furthermore, consider visiting to see the 3 types of load testing every company should run. By the way, one trait of a great website is one with a lot of traffic and to achieve that, contact an Affordable SEO at

Don’t think for a second however that our websites will be any less beautiful, functional or technologically advanced. To the contrary, all Chroma Sites websites will still be custom designed for each and every business. There’s not an off-the-shelf template in sight, and they will all include the features that are pretty much mandatory for a business website to have these days. Just to name a few benefits, Chroma Sites websites include a user-editable content management system, social media integration, a fully functional blog with comments, a customized contact form, an email subscription box, free- stock photos and so much more.

The best part, though? In no way is this a build-it-yourself website. We still do all the dirty work, setting up servers, setting up the page structure and all that good stuff. We think theses are the things that no busy business owner should ever have to do.

And now, you even can get a free, online estimate for a new website or a redesign in about 5 minutes by walking through our guided proposal questionnaire! Just so you don’t misunderstand, that means you will have a complete, guaranteed proposal with a timeline and price in about five minutes.

So click here to get your estimate now!

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What do Facebook and Google know about you?

With the recent overhaul of Google’s shockingly transparent privacy policy, many are wondering what other websites aren’t telling us. What information do the big websites, the ones that we all use, have about us and what can we do to protect our privacy. Frugal Dad has put together a great info graphic about the inherent dangers of browsing the internet and navigating its countless pitfalls.




graphic courtesy of schlatzer.netAnyone who’s ever typed a question into Google knows that the internet is brimming with garbage. Whether you’re trying to find the best way to get your taxes done or just looking for a great recipe, you’re bound to get a thousand answers… and that’s a good thing, right? Lots to choose from means a more thoughtful decision on your part. But before you go diving into all this information, it’s important to understand where all this information comes from.

Most of you have probably heard of the website, a website that basically offers hundreds of thousands of articles, on every topic imaginable, for the sole purpose of coming up in the search engines and subsequently driving ad revenue. These relatively new types of websites have been dubbed “Content Farms”, and the concept is troubling to say the least. Read the Full Article »


Extreme Small Business Voice-Over!

Every successful business out there has a unique voice that speaks to each heart independently. Most businesses have okay voices, but they’re usually not distinguishable from the rest; and in business “indistinguishable” is not a label you want. Your business’ voice must be so unique that when some hear it, they will believe it’s speaking just to them.

An imaginary interview with a business struggling to find its voice:

How do I know what my voice sounds like?
Don’t worry. You’ll know when you hear it. After you know, and start to broadcast yourself, everyone else will be telling you what a nice voice you have, too.

What will my customers be listening for?
With a few exceptions, most people will not be actively listening for anything. Potential customers just need to believe they are your one true love. Your voice must convince them of this.

So I want to trick them, isn’t that kind of unethical?
Oh no. Your true voice won’t be a lie. Once you find what defines you, and express that openly, convincing them of your loyalty won’t be a problem. Honesty, integrity and your passion to make your customers happy have always been ingredients for successful relationships.

In other words, you must actually believe that each and every one of them is your own true love.
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Ask Your Customers to Marry You

Your customers want to know how you fit into their life.Your customers want to know how you will fit into their life.

This is based on an article from Marketing Profs about an eBay experiment to educate customers about their services.

eBay invited six French fashion bloggers to engage in a crafty campaign called Wardrobe Commando.

The objective: The bloggers were to select one reader each for a full-on fashion revamp. Hailing from different regions of France, each blogger created a video of herself consulting with her reader of choice. Then the fun began.

Phase one: Each blogger convinced her “ugly duckling” to sell items online that actually made her look like a total fashion victim! In the process, each girl learned how to photograph and post items on eBay, complete with catchy salesgirl language.

Phase two: eBay footed the bill for hot new duds that turned the presumably dowdy ducks into sultry swans! The campaign likely drew thousands of readers—at the very least those who followed the work of the bloggers.

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What’s wrong with your website?

Don't be scared, find out what's wrong with your site.There are millions of websites out there. Most of them were built more than three years ago and don’t play nicely with visitors. Many sites have been abandoned with no one to love and care for them. Others have owners but are limping along like wounded animals with broken links and photo’s that fail to show up. Be you tech savvy or tech challenged, it’s always good to be able to look at your website objectively.

We’ve put together a list of questions that will highlight some of the most common problems with business websites. We invite you to open your website and then go through the list of questions below. Take your time and write down your answers. You will be surprised how simple changes can increase your traffic and keep visitors on your site longer, which will translate into more business for you.

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Yeah, I have their permission. So what?

Stephanie Miller of Marketing Profs asks the question:
“Is it better to get permission up front for your email marketing program, or just beg for forgiveness later?”

In short, the answer is you should ask people’s permission before you put them on your list, but in reality, it’s the wrong question. People who aren’t interested in your services or your products and therefore your emails, probably don’t belong on your list. Stephanie actually suggests cleaning your lists of uninterested recipients and focus all of your energy on your more promising candidates.

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Web Site Review: Seattle Sound Transit

Ian Lurie of Conversation Marketing explains what’s wrong with Seattle’s Sound Transit website… which is to say… a lot!

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Samantha E-tails a Truck

Hats Hats Hats. We all wear them. Too many of them. The only people who don’t wear many hats are government workers. They usually have one hat and full pensions for life. Not like the rest of us.

The phone rings in our office. Between us we’re wearing 7 hats, working on 40 tasks, with 15 windows and applications open.  I put on the eighth hat and answer.

“Hello, is this Coldfire?” A woman’s voice with a loud roaring noise in the background.

“Yes, this is Coldfire, who’s calling?” I close one window so I can focus.

“This is Samantha, I found your name, just now, on the internet. I was wondering if you help smaller businesses. I have a bigger agency helping but they don’t pay any attention to me. I think I need someone local who doesn’t mind smaller companies. My agency likes corporate clients. I think they don’t care about my business.

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