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Proudly promote what makes your business different, to the world.

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate Advertising is often not understood but simply put, it’s a way to advertise without using up-front capital. Affiliate ads are basically paid for through commission. There are many caveats, but usually there is an arrangement between a website publisher and the advertiser. Generally an advertiser will pay a small percentage (5-15%) of any sale that is the result of a click through from that publishers website.

If you don’t actually sell anything on your site, affiliate advertising can be used to offer publishers a fixed fee when one of those visitors fills out a contact form, or registers for an email list. Advertisiers can determine their maximum commission for each click through and sale. So for example if you have a photography website and you put up a Fuji banner ad for cameras, then you will recieve up to 15% of the cost of that camera if the sale is initiated through your photography website.

Advertisement for Klaff's, Norwalk, CT - “Singing in the Shower”

Klaff’s – “Singing in the Shower”

Advertisement for Klaff's, Norwalk, CT - “April Showers”

Klaff’s – “April Showers”

Advertisement for Klaff's, Norwalk, CT - “Big Earrings”

Klaff’s – “Big Earrings”

Advertisement for Klaff's, Norwalk, CT - “The Yellow Brick Road”

Klaff’s – “The Yellow Brick Road”

Advertisement for Klaff's, Norwalk, CT - “Carrots”

Klaff’s – “Carrots”

Advertisisng for Hartford Steam Boiler. “Lightning”

HSB – “Lightning”

Advertisisng for Hartford Steam Boiler. “Chain”

HSB – “Chain”

Advertisisng for Hartford Steam Boiler. “Firefighters”

HSB – “Firefighters”

Advertisisng for Hartford Steam Boiler. “Coins”

HSB – “Coins”

Advertisisng for Hartford Steam Boiler. “Hang Glider”

HSB – “Hang Glider”

Ad Design and Creative

Print, Outdoor and Online Banner Advertising

Some would argue that print is a dying medium in this day and age. We agree and this is one of the reasons we transformed ourselves into an internet marketing company well over a decade ago. Print ads do still serve a purpose however. Newspapers still offer one of the most time sensitive channels available, often with a large geographically targeted reader base. Magazines, on the other hand, are some of the most psychographically targeted vehicles available

Check out a few examples of how traditional advertising methods could work for your business.

How Coldfire can help you advertise

Advertising is an art form based on demographics. We will develop the creative and the actual documents required for affiliate, print, outdoor, and banner advertising. We will also negotiate media buys as this is a complicated area for busy business owners to get involved with.

  • We’ll install the system on your website, with or without a shopping cart.
  • We’ll sign you up with one of the big affiliate networks so people can find your ads.
  • We’ll write and design your text and banner ads, as many as you need.
  • We’ll promote your new campaign and handle all the advertisers that want to promote you from their websites.
  • We’ll help you monitor your ongoing budget, your results and your ROI.

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