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Emerge From the Inbox Chaos

Emerge from the inbox chaos with our email marketing services. We write, design and build your email subscriber lists.

Email is at the Center of a Good Marketing Plan

Whether you do business online, or not, email is the most targeted, and cost effective, advertising vehicle available. Be they past, present or potential customers, there is no better way of communicating your offers, ideas, and expertise. Best of all, if they are interested but too busy to respond, your customers know you are in their inbox and that they can always come back later to get into the details of your offer.

List Building (and Cleaning)

Building a good email list is an ongoing process and subscribers should be attracted from every possible source. Collecting customers emails when they make a purchase, asking visitors to subscribe on your homepage and adding an opt-in check box to your contact form are fairly standard methods, but the possibilities of where you can find potential subscribers is limitless and unique for every company.

Email lists will continue to evolve as people subscribe and unsubscribe (yes unsubscribe… don’t assume that every subscriber is going to stay around forever). Sometimes people decide that your business is not for them. It’s ok, there will be lots more. It’s also important to differentiate your lists. For example, if you sell products to both consumers and to retailers, you probably don’t want to be sending them the same promotional emails.

How Coldfire Can Help You Build an Email Marketing Program

Beaute de Maman Email Campaign
Beaute de Maman Email Campaign
Beaute de Maman Email Campaign
Modular Architecture Email Campaign
Modular Architecture Email Campaign
Modular Architecture Email Campaign

Template Design
We will design a template (if you don’t already have one) that matches the style of your site and includes appropriate links to social sites like your Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as specific pages on your own website.

Message Strategy
Once we have agreed upon your goals and developed an initial subscriber list, we will help you create a message. If you are comfortable writing your own copy, we will be happy to proof it for you before we send it out. Or, if you don’t have time to write, we can develop the entire message for you.

The Report Card
Every message you send will be different, some will work, others will not. We carefully test each campaign, tweaking the variables like pictures, subject lines, and timing to ever improve the open and click through rates. Each audience is different, and ongoing testing is the only way for you to learn who they are.

Start Your Email Campaign »Contact us to get more details and pricing on:

  • Template Design and Coordination
  • E-Newsletter Copywriting
  • Promotional Targeting Strategy
  • List Management and Organization
  • Success Tracking and Analysis

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