Reputation Management

Swim fearlessly with the big guys, show everyone that you're an expert in your domain.

Swim Fearlessly
With the Big Guys

Are You Master of Your Domain?

The idea behind reputation management is simple. You already know the ins and outs of your business and probably consider yourself an expert. We will take that knowledge and use it to help you, and your business, become the known authority within your industry and get your expertise in clear view of the public eye.

Breaking Through the Sea of Clutter

In these times of economic and political confusion, people often don’t know who to trust. The world is full of impostors and imitators and it’s often difficult to recognize the true authority. These days, as most of our news and editorial flow through online channels, editors flick through their email, picking and choosing from thousands of article submissions each day. How do you get their attention?

How Coldfire Inc. Can Help Build Your Reputation

Be The Authority »We begin with a personal interview  in order to write an article. Or, if you are comfortable with copy writing, we will help you choose a topic to write about. Once we’ve written or edited your article, we will submit it to online outlets all over the world. Be they article factual or opinion, there are a specialty websites, free PR wires, and e-magazines that accept by almost every category imaginable.  From health, to celebrity, to politics, to real estate, we will find the right online location for your voice.

When the distribution of the article is completed, we will further identify relevant online communities to bring your reputation to a new, higher level. Through honest (and consistent) participation in these groups, Coldfire Inc. will be able to help you build the reputation you have deserve, while promoting the products and services that you offer.

Reputation management should be considered to be, and understood as, a longer term internet marketing initiative. However, Coldfire Inc. has built online reputations for numerous clients, and we have learned a few tricks to get the ball rolling quickly.

If you’re just starting out, and are not yet comfortable with an “expert title” there are plenty of other ways we can help you succeed online.


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