Claim your targeted traffic with our scalable sem and pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Claim Your Targeted Traffic

Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Most people don’t know there’s a difference between the organic search results which appear on the left side of an search engine result page (SERP) and the sponsored ads which appear on the right side. Google does not want you to know the difference because it is the difference that makes them their fees.

Everyone’s on Google (or Yahoo, or Bing)

About 95% of us used Google, Yahoo, or Bing today to search for something on the web. Most likely, when we need something, we don’t even think twice, but just go to our favorite search engine, and within seconds we have our answer. Now consider the fact that there are hundreds of millions of other people, just like us, who hold that very same sentiment.

In marketing lingo, the reach of a search engine is far greater than any other outlet imaginable. So what does that mean? That means that you can reach more people through a search engine, than you can by any other means. Just imagine how many of those people could potentially be YOUR customers.

Talk About Targeted!

Reach and exposure are great, but if you’re not reaching the right people, then all of your efforts are going to waste. Those right people, your target market, should be the ones you’re really going after. For years there has been debate about the true effectiveness of demographics vs. psychographics vs. — anyway none of that matters with search engine marketing. People search for what they want. You don’t need to know their age, gender, geographic location or anything else about them, because you already know what they want. There is no easier way to find your target market, than to have your target market find you.

How Coldfire Inc. Can Help You Attain This Perfect Form of Marketing

Attract More Visitors »Search engine marketing offers the largest potential reach of any advertising medium. In the right hands, it is also the most targeted form of advertising available to attract new customers. We believe the combination of these two ingredients, SEO and PPC, produce a near-perfect form of marketing. We will build your campaigns, study your keywords, manage your budget and bidding, watch the analytics and tweak the campaigns for the next round. We do it all and we do it very well. If you want to pull customers away from your competitors, sign up with Coldfire.


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