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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving your website so that it appears higher up in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, for example if you have a dental consultory you need dental marketing SEO. This usually results in an increase in the quantity and quality of visitors that find your site. There are a huge number of factors that a search engine uses when deciding which sites should be higher than others. Most of these factors revolve around things like how easy the site is to find, and how easy the site is to read. In other words, how many links there are from other relevant places, and how well the site is organized in terms of page titles, copy, headlines and a few other things that you cant see on the actual site. Check out Seoly for the best SEO for your website.

There are many misconceptions regarding the process of search engine optimization. Guarantees to get your site to page one are often just fibs to get your money. Software (or magic buttons) that claim to optimize your site on the cheap, simply don’t work. And cookie cutter methods that use the same processes for every site, will usually hurt your search engine rankings rather than improve them.

The big three search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing

The First Page Fib

No one can guarantee you first page results…
Especially not before fully understanding your business.
Optimizing websites for search engines is real work. If you’ve been looking around for a SEO services that deliver real success, then you have probably will discover that there are literally hundreds of possibilities, most of which will guarantee you a spot on the front page of Google. The question is how anyone can possibly ‘guarantee’ this to every single one of their customers? They can’t.

There is no Magic Button

(But you can push it anyway)
Quite contrary to popular belief, there really is no magic button that you can press and get your website into top SEO rankings. You may be tempted by these solutions because they are often one time deals. They can run you anywhere from $100 up into the thousands, but either way you are throwing your money away. SEO cannot just be “DONE”, SEO is a process that takes time to perfect for each specific company and while the magic button can return dividends in the short term, those results just can’t last.

Customize your SEO. Cookie cutter solutions don't work.

The Problem with the Cookie Cutter Solution

The truth is that cookie cutter SEO solutions, only work for cookie cutter businesses. Search Engine Optimization for your unique website needs to be attacked with the big picture in mind, and will never be successful with a cookie cutter fix. Usually this type of prefabricated solution will only include HTML validation, meta tag improvement and search engine submission. These techniques alone, simply do not cut it anymore (no pun intended). Posers will also include putting keywords into your content, regardless of relevancy, and building irrelevant links both in and out of your site. These things will destroy your rankings, not help.

How Coldfire Can Help You Build Customized SEO That Works

SEO Your Site »So, if there is no magic button, and cookie cutter solutions do more harm than good, then what does work? SEO is basically nothing more than a high tech form of marketing. Marketing involves finding your target market, and getting them to buy your product and search engine optimization is driven by the same goal. Keywords, content, link building, as well as all those other pieces mentioned before are all important. What separates the highest ranking websites from the rest is that they have complete internet solutions based around the true goals of the business.

Before we are able to bring your site to the top of Google, we need to first learn the fundamentals of your business, learn what it is you want to sell and to who, keep a close eye on your competitors and develop a comprehensive understanding of your goals. Then, we can help.


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