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Tell your customers and potential customers what you're doing, with social media and networking packages.

Tell Them What You’re Doing

The King of Communication

Experienced business people will tell you that your best sales tool is satisfied customers. Social media marketing revolves around this very basic principle. When you remind your customers that you exist, those who know and love you are in the perfect place to share their opinion, and your offerings, with their friends.

People of all demographics are spending more and more time on Facebook.

The Facebook Conundrum

‘My employees spend too much time on Facebook!’
As an employer, it may seem like the advent of Facebook is a detriment to your business. Employees are spending more and more time on Facebook as the age groups that uses social media continue to expand.

‘My customers all hang out on Facebook!’
As a marketer, however, few things offer as big an opportunity as social media does today. Never before have we marketers been so certain of where to find potential customers.

‘My Business needs to be on Facebook!’
Facebook and similar sites allow people to stay in contact with each other on a large scale, without irritating those who don’t want to be bothered. “Status updates” and “Tweets” have become common terms so quickly, that many business owners may have missed incredible opportunities that are now available to them. So when you hear ‘You spend too much time on Facebook,’ don’t think about it as a bad thing. Think about how many people you could be reaching, at just about any time of the day, without anyone even thinking twice about how rude it is that you’re badgering them with pushy emails or pop-up advertisements.

The Big Boys of Social Media

“Friend me on Facebook”
There’s not a whole lot more to say, if you still don’t know what Facebook is. Perhaps you should Click here to create an account and start looking for people you know. The things you can do with Facebook, along with the amount of people you can theoretically reach, is unlimited.

“I just don’t get Twitter”
Twitter is a cultural phenomenon. Take something that’s already been done (a blog), limit how much you can actually say (140 characters), now give everybody their own mini-blog and let people read other people’s mini-blogs (by following them), all right on their very own Twitter homepage. There you go, Twitter in a nutshell.

“Can you Digg it?”
Digg is the market leader and the first of many, in a category that has become known as the social bookmarking group. In short, articles can be submitted by anyone, and the popularity of each article is determined by the number of votes (or diggs) it gets by the enormous user base. Digg is not for everyone, it still has a fairly specific (albeit large) demographic, but there are many other similar, niche sites, we can help you find. We affectionately refer to this style of marketing as social bookmarketing.

Coldfire Can Help by Building Social Networking Programs That Work

Start Making Friends »Coldfire will build you a custom social media program that will be both manageable and effective. We’ll create a schedule, find the sites you NEED to be on and develop your online profile and reputation for each of those sites. Once you have some friends and a following, we can get your message and your products out there to all your loving followers. Typically we combine our social media and networking strategies with a variety of other methods in order to best capture the attention of your potential customers.


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