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Extreme Small Business Voice-Over!

Every successful business out there has a unique voice that speaks to each heart independently. Most businesses have okay voices, but they’re usually not distinguishable from the rest; and in business “indistinguishable” is not a label you want. Your business’ voice must be so unique that when some hear it, they will believe it’s speaking just to them.

An imaginary interview with a business struggling to find its voice:

How do I know what my voice sounds like?
Don’t worry. You’ll know when you hear it. After you know, and start to broadcast yourself, everyone else will be telling you what a nice voice you have, too.

What will my customers be listening for?
With a few exceptions, most people will not be actively listening for anything. Potential customers just need to believe they are your one true love. Your voice must convince them of this.

So I want to trick them, isn’t that kind of unethical?
Oh no. Your true voice won’t be a lie. Once you find what defines you, and express that openly, convincing them of your loyalty won’t be a problem. Honesty, integrity and your passion to make your customers happy have always been ingredients for successful relationships.

In other words, you must actually believe that each and every one of them is your own true love.
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Ask Your Customers to Marry You

Your customers want to know how you fit into their life.Your customers want to know how you will fit into their life.

This is based on an article from Marketing Profs about an eBay experiment to educate customers about their services.

eBay invited six French fashion bloggers to engage in a crafty campaign called Wardrobe Commando.

The objective: The bloggers were to select one reader each for a full-on fashion revamp. Hailing from different regions of France, each blogger created a video of herself consulting with her reader of choice. Then the fun began.

Phase one: Each blogger convinced her “ugly duckling” to sell items online that actually made her look like a total fashion victim! In the process, each girl learned how to photograph and post items on eBay, complete with catchy salesgirl language.

Phase two: eBay footed the bill for hot new duds that turned the presumably dowdy ducks into sultry swans! The campaign likely drew thousands of readers—at the very least those who followed the work of the bloggers.

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