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Samantha E-tails a Truck

Hats Hats Hats. We all wear them. Too many of them. The only people who don’t wear many hats are government workers. They usually have one hat and full pensions for life. Not like the rest of us.

The phone rings in our office. Between us we’re wearing 7 hats, working on 40 tasks, with 15 windows and applications open.  I put on the eighth hat and answer.

“Hello, is this Coldfire?” A woman’s voice with a loud roaring noise in the background.

“Yes, this is Coldfire, who’s calling?” I close one window so I can focus.

“This is Samantha, I found your name, just now, on the internet. I was wondering if you help smaller businesses. I have a bigger agency helping but they don’t pay any attention to me. I think I need someone local who doesn’t mind smaller companies. My agency likes corporate clients. I think they don’t care about my business.

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